The Ride

One extra large butterfly lands on my nose
One teeny tiny one for each of my toes
Ten on my left shoulder and ten on my right
Three on each ear, their touch feather light
So many wings on my hands I can’t see if they’re there
I’ve lost track of how many are perched in my hair
And these butterflies whisper and flutter around
‘Til I feel my feet floating right up off the ground
And would you believe I am not scared at all?
I’m butterfly drifting, no thought of a fall
It’s so lovely to fly with the breeze on my face
First brushing the flowers, then lifting with grace
And the tickle of all of those delicate wings
Makes me laugh as I pass by a bird while it sings
We hover and swoop and soar over the town
Then slowly, so slowly we’re gliding back down
As if nothing happened, they dart off and hide
Good-bye, lovely butterflies, thanks for the ride

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