When the Maymar colonists found twin planets circling a far-off star, they chose Una to be their new home and left Dua alone. Led by the Mayland family for three generations, they have carefully executed the founders’ Plan for steady growth, and life has become as predictable as the rising and setting of Dua in the sky.

But twins don’t like to be separated. And not everything can be planned.

When the discovery of miraculous healing water triggers a chain of events no one could have predicted, Cara and Tom Mayland must adapt or their colony will not survive.

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The Maymar Corporation sent out its colony ship to give humanity a fresh start in the light of a distant star, but what their children find in the reaches of space is not what they expected. Each generation must adapt if the colony is going to survive.

This collection of short stories recounts the history of the Maymar Colony through glimpses of the lives of the Mayland family as they lead their people to avoid the mistakes of old Earth and build a society that will endure

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