Still alive

I haven’t died, and I haven’t given up on this blog. I’m sure I’ve lost all five people who were reading before, but my life got a little overwhelming there for a while, so I decided to give myself a small break. Then the small break turned into a big break. But I’m hoping to make a return to Tell Me a Story, Mommy. I’ll probably just keep it to one story and one poem a week for now, at least until our South American summer ends and the kids get back to school, but I’m thinking this is a year of small steps and being happy with them.

Now, having left this short message that half-implies I’m battling a life-threatening disease (when in reality I’m just battling normal life with three small human beings and some really hot weather and a few water outages) I’m going to go see if I can hunt up my creativity so I can leave a real post tomorrow.

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