The End

Words like gurgle and pustule and moist and munch
Make us cringe as we contemplate losing our lunch
Words like stupid and Monday and chores and hate
Are sure paths to depression and cursing our fate

But none of these words have the power to slay me
In quite the same way as two words that betray me
When I’m happy, cocooned in a world someone penned
And then, there on the page, find the dreaded The End

It’s a slap in the face and a shove out the door
When I’m warm and content and I’m wanting still more
It’s a wrenching good-bye to an enchanting friend
And the only solution? To start it again

That said, it’s with a complex blend of joy and pride and horrible sadness that I announce the approach of The End.

The fifth and final book in The Book of Sight series is coming your way and is appropriately titled

The Shattered Heart

Look for more announcements soon about release dates and special offers, but I can tell you that The Shattered Heart should be in your hands (and your stockings) by Christmas.  

Thanks to all of you who have come along on this ride with me. I’ve had a blast. 

And I promise that even though we’re reaching the end of the story of Alex and Adam and Logan and Eve and Dominic, there are always more stories to come. 



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