Oliver Tate says that chance ain’t a thing.
“I make my own luck!” says he.
He works hard nine to five,
And he carefully drives
And treats others as he’d like to be.

Oliver Tate has a favorite hat.
He wears it wherever he goes.
But one day there is wind,
It blows off in a spin,
And his head is left bare in the snows.

Oliver Tate has to a buy a new hat
There’s a store on the way to his work
So he goes in one day
To buy quick and not stay
Then stopps short at the sight of the clerk

Harriet Beam says her luck always fails
Her life’s been a pitiful tale
Both parents died young
And she got their weak lungs
She grew up lonely, orphaned, and frail

Harriet Beam had one friend long ago
They lived next door ’til they were ten
Oh how Ollie cried
When Harry’s mom died
Then she moved, never saw him again.

Harriet Beam has to live on her own
So she finds a sad job in a shop
She looks up at the bell
Musters courage to sell
Sees the man stumble as his jaw drops

Oliver Tate marries Harriet Beam,
Gives the happiest toast of his life:
“I wish I could say
I made things end this way,
But in truth, the wind gave me my wife.”

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