I’m up, I’m up! Don’t pester me.
I put my leg into my sleeve!
My hat is firmly on my knee!
I’m dressed and ready, can’t you see?

Of course I’m set to catch the bus!
I packed my breakfast, ate my lunch
Plate’s in my backpack, as we discussed.
My phone’s in the sink, so why the fuss?

I’m on my way, no time to lose
I can go out the back door if I choose!
I did NOT just trip. That is NOT a bruise!
What do you mean I’m not wearing shoes?

Okay, so maybe I’m slightly tired
The plot of that book was so inspired!
Yes, I slept. Eight hours aren’t required!
It was only 5 am when I retired!

So I’m just fine and I’m off to school!
Combing hair isn’t an absolute rule!
Yes, unmatched socks are extremely cool!
You’ll admit that I’m right. You will see. You’ll…


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