The After-Christmas Crazy House

One day past Christmas
What a sight
The house is trashed
My hair’s a fright

Wrapping paper piled on high
Empty boxes by the door
New toys scattered everywhere
Those pesky tags litter the floor

Dirty dishes fill the sink
Leftovers fill the fridge
Cookie crumbs on the plates (and floor)
Wine cups empty of all but a smidge

It’s the after-Christmas crazy house
The Christmas present maze-y house
And what’s a mom to do?

Four days past Christmas
Goodness me
Still tons of messes
Plus one dead tree

Wrappers gone but toys remain
On all sides signs of play you meet
Lego creations are proudly displayed
(Watch out for the stray pieces under your feet!)

Open books on the arms of chairs
A baby doll snugged in a blankety nest
Pieces of games and of crafts and who knows
New things jumbled, dust covers the rest

It’s the “we’ve been tired and lazy” house
The “sugar’s made us hazy” house
And what’s a mom to do?

I know I should pull it together
Bring this craziness under control
After all it will soon be the New Year
Time for order and discipline full

But one kid says, “Come play the Playstation.”
The other says, “Please paint my nails.”
And this cup of new tea is delicious.
Could it be I am happy to fail?

I can take down the dead tree tomorrow
I can clean out the fridge next week
I’ll get mopping the floor in a few days
For today, I’ll admit that I’m weak.

It’s the “my eyes got quite glazey” house
The “I needed these days-y” house
And what’s a mom to do?

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