More Monday Morning Treasure

That’s right, I’ve got another stash for you, to brighten up your holiday week.  If you’re in the middle of the rush, put a pin in it.  These will make a nice little break while the turkey’s roasting (or when you’ve disappeared into a back room to escape the relatives).


  • As promised, we saw Mockingjay this weekend.  It totally won me over.  I won’t add any spoilers here, but I did learn that Suzanne Collins had a hand in the plotting, which explains why this movie had its own arc and was satisfying, even though it was only half of the book.  On a side note, it was heartbreaking to watch Phillip Seymour Hoffman doing his amazing thing.  Completely heartbreaking.
  • My kids are off school this whole week (I know!  It WAS just a few weeks ago that they had two weeks off.  The joys of year-round school.) so we’re getting all festive around here.  This season makes me want to make up stories that mock the famous Christmas tales.  Why is that?  Anyway, I’ll resist, but mostly because this already IS the parody you’re looking for.  CLICK IT.
  • Speaking of the holidays, this is a wonderful idea for a gift for your child.  It can’t be wrapped up under the tree, but how amazing would it be?
  • And on the topic of children’s books, we feel this way about book jackets, too.
  • This story going around on Facebook has me thinking of the power of real life stories.  It’s all about really seeing people.
  • While we’re thinking about other cultures, check out these idioms from around the world.  I want to find ways to casually drop these into conversation during this holiday season.
  • If that doesn’t liven up the conversation enough, I’m going to make one of these napkins for our Thanksgiving table, but with my own topics of conversation.  The man who invented this was a genius.
  • Something beautiful for you before you go.  Kilian Schoenberger’s photography is stunning.  The Scotland pictures are going to be inspiring me for a long time.  That one above filled me up better than a Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy week, all!

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