What If?

“I like Grandpa’s house, Mommy.  There’s lots of places to play.”

“Me, too, little Joe.  Did you have fun exploring today?”

“Mm-hm.  Mommy, what would you do if you found a door in the side of the mountain?”

“That would be very mysterious.  I would wonder what was inside.”

“What if you went right in and it was too dark to see anything?”

“I would probably go get my flashlight.”

“What if you saw a pile of candles and some matches right by the door?”

“Oh.  I would definitely light a candle and go exploring.”

“And what if you discovered a long, long tunnel that went right into the heart of the mountain?”

“I would keep right going until I saw what was at the end.”

“What if you got really hungry and thirsty walking so, so far, and when you got there, you saw a table full of yummy food and a big cup of juice?”

“I would be pretty suspicious of food inside a mountain, but if I was that hungry and thirsty, I might be tempted to eat and drink just a little bit.”

“What if you drank some juice and then fell fast asleep?”

“I would think that I probably shouldn’t have drunk that juice.”

“And what if you woke up and the room was full of animals?”

“I would be pretty confused and maybe a little scared.”

“What if you saw that the animals were all wearing clothes and dancing around to pretty music?”

“I would be really amazed.”

“What if just then you noticed that your shoes and coat were missing?”

“I suppose I would be worried that my mother would be mad.”

“But what if you looked over and saw that a mountain goat was wearing your coat and a baby bear cub was dancing in your shoes?”

“It would make me pretty mad.  I might go right over and ask for them back.”

“But what if they just laughed at you?”

“Then I would tackle that bear cub and get my shoes back.”

“What if his mother came along and picked you up and put you in the corner.”

“I would stay in the corner.”

“What if the animals danced for so long that you fell asleep again?”

“I would be afraid that I was missing dinner.”

“But what if you woke up and the animals were gone and your shoes and coat were sitting next to you on the floor?”

“I would put them on and run home as quickly as I could.”

“What if your shoes didn’t seem to fit anymore and running was too hard?”

“Then I would walk, I guess.  And I would be pretty mad at that bear cub for stretching out my shoes.”


“Yes, little Joe?”

“Are you going to go into town tomorrow?”

“Yes, Grandpa wants me to pick up his medicine.”

“Do you think you could get me some new shoes while you are there?”

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