The Lonely Planet (Two Views)


I heard the most amazing news today
The scientists discovered something new
Looking into space so far away
They checked and double-checked that it was true

For in the vast and empty reach of space
A planet floats that doesn’t have a star
No shining sun that pulls it into place
It’s all alone to drift however far

Now if you’ve studied planets at your school
You know that’s not the way it’s meant to be
That planets orbit stars is just the rule
They move in circles, bound by gravity

So how could this one be there all alone?
And with no star how does it chart its course?
What tragic past has left it on its own?
How it must miss an outside guiding force

How terrifying sailing through the night
With no real place to go,  it’s all just wrong
They called it “Lonely Planet” which seems right
For space is huge with nowhere you belong


“The Lonely Planet?” What a brilliant thought.
A body in the heavens who broke free
To challenge everything our teachers taught
By very definition it can’t be

Imagine! The impossible exists
A wonderful exception to the rules
Something that won’t fit on any lists
An inspiration for all daring fools

Instead of endless circles, it roams free
No star to tell it which way it must go
A universe of possibilities
Its future unpredictable, unknown

It may feel scared, if it can feel at all
(It is a ball of rock, we must admit)
But fear just adds a thrill, adventure calls
To break the mold is better than to fit

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