You guys!  That was summer.  All of it.  And now you know why I don’t home school.  I mean, one of the many reasons I don’t home school.  We did a total of 2 entries in our adventure diary.  We had fun with it.  I think we may do more sometime.  But I just couldn’t stick to any kind of routine during summer.  I just couldn’t.  So here we are.  And summer is done.  Well, it’s barely the middle of August, but my kids are back in school, so I’m back to posting all on my own.  I have some stories brewing, but let’s ease in with a poem today.

Two, four, six, eight…
I cannot keep these numbers straight!
Four, eight, twelve, sixteen…
In my head they’re all mixing.

Five times four and ten times two
Both make twenty (I wish I was through)
And then there’s seven times stupid eight
Which makes 56 (and my head ache)

So nine times nine…um, 81?
Oh will this torture ever be done?
Across my brain these numbers tumble
Three, ten, thirty in a jumble!

Six times seven? It makes no sense!
I’d say 42, but I’m too dense.
This multiplication stuff is a blight.
Wait…what do you mean I got them all right?

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