Adventure Diary, Part 2

June 13, 2013…later

We found a way into the abandoned house across the street.  We can’t stay here long, but no one will look here for a bit.

I don’t even know how to start to explain these last couple of days.  N left three days ago for a business trip to the east coast.  He’ll be gone two days more unless they notify him about the house.  Don’t know what to do about that.

Yesterday the letter came in the mail.  No return address.  The letter is here in this book, but we took out our name in case anyone finds this.  We didn’t know anything about the letter.  Who on earth is P. Q.?  We figured it was a joke and we didn’t think much of it.  I let the kids play with it and they stuck it in this old book in their playhouse outside.  Good thing.  That’s how it escaped the fire.

The fire was this morning.  We were downstairs watching TV.  All of a sudden Leaf started screaming.  We turned around.  My desk was on fire.  I couldn’t even think.  I just opened the window, pushed out the screen, and started lifting kids out.  Thank God the dog was in the yard.  I don’t think I could have lifted him that high.

Once we were all outside, we went next door to call 911.  I didn’t even have my phone.  By that time the whole house was in flames.  The firemen came, but before they even got there, we saw strange men across the street staring at the house.

Then Sugar remembered the letter.  Frogo went around through the woods into the playhouse and got the letter and this book.  We couldn’t hlp but see that the fire and the letter were connected.  I was so afraid.  I still am.  I have to keep these kids safe.

We stayed at the neighbors for a bit.  I was watching the men across the street and then a car passed and they were gone.  It gave me the weirdest feeling.  I knew we needed to hide.

We told everyone we were going to our grandma’s house, but instead we hid here.  We need to find a way to leave a message for N.  Then we need to see if we can follow the clues to find out what this is all about.


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