Waymar Charter

For those of you who are interested in the minutiae, I’m sharing just the first couple of pages of the Waymar Colony Charter, as referenced in the stories and eventually the book as well. The entire thing is 13 chapters, which is way more than anyone who isn’t me or one of the members of the colony ever needs to read, but just so you can see the ideals that launched this whole thing…

Charter of the Waymar Colony 


We the members of the Waymar Foundation believe

  • That humanity is capable of greatness beyond what it has shown
  • That human dignity and freedom are of equal importance with advancement and discovery
  • That it is in the best interest of humanity to think not only of itself but of the well-being of the world which sustains its life•
  • That too much of humanity’s resources have been spent attempting to correct the errors of the past and not enough ensuring a better future
  • That careful planning can provide the balanced growth which is the ultimate key to the survival of the human species

Therefore we have determined

  • To leave Earth and its current colonies behind with no violence or ill-will
  • To begin the settlement of a planet beyond our solar system
  • To end contact with what we have left and move into the future without outside influence
  • To form and follow a plan of growth which will aim to secure the future of humanity
  • To dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of the highest quality of human life

To that end, using the resources of the Waymar Foundation, we the undersigned agree to form the organization that shall be known as the Waymar Colony.


Chapter 1: Purposes and Principles

Article 1

The purposes of the Waymar Colony are to

1. Form a community of committed individuals which represent all the skills and experiences needed for survival and growth on a previously uninhabited planet

2. Establish a colony on the planet of Theta Prime in the Theta solar system

3. Ensure a high quality of life for all colonists and for the future generations of the inhabitants of Theta Prime

4. Create and promote a plan for long-term survival and growth of both individuals and community

5. Use Theta Prime as a base of operations for studying systems in that part of the galaxy with the goal of eventual further colonization

Article 2

This colony and all its members, in pursuit of these purposes, shall act in accordance with the following principles

1. Each and every human is equal in dignity and worth and possesses the right to life, to freedom of person, and to the pursuit of self-improvement

2. Each and every human being has the right to self-determination with regard to personal relationships, including but not limited to romantic alliances, legal family formation, and reproduction

3. All members will place the good of the colony above their own good, knowing that their own survival depends upon this mutual commitment

4. All members will carry out their assigned work to the best of their abilities and in keeping with established standards in their field

5. All members will seek to live in harmony with other members and agree to settle disputes peaceably, without violence or threat of violence

6. All members will submit to the judgment of duly chosen arbiters as laid out in this document

7. All members will participate in open and measured communication on all topics relevant to the community at large

8. All members will do what is in their power to protect and wisely use the resources of their new home planet, including its preexisting flora and fauna

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