The Shattered Heart Cover Reveal

This is a good day. I know, it’s election day in an awful election year, but still, this is a good day.

Want to know why?

This is the day I get to show you the cover of The Shattered Heart!

This is my favorite day of every book launch. For real. As happy as I’ll be when you get to actually read the book, that part is also nerve-wracking. This? This is just fun.

It’s beautiful.

You’re going to love it.

Before I show you, can I tell you what I like best about this cover? It has no hearts. Also nothing shattered. So…mystery. But! When you read the book, the cover is going to make perfect sense. It’s like an inside joke, just between you and me, except not that funny.

What do you call an inside joke that’s not a joke?

I just Googled it and found nothing helpful.

But I do think I’ve delayed long enough now.

Are you ready?

Presenting The Shattered Heart with cover design by the talented Matt Hasenbalg!




Want to see the back, too?



And even more exciting, the whole series together:


Seriously, Matt outdid himself, didn’t he? He designed every one of those beauties. It’s been a privilege to work with him.

Speaking of beauty…that set up there? That’s what two lucky people are going to win in our giveaway! Check out the details and make sure you’re signed up!

Want to pin this and let everyone know what you want for Christmas? Here you go!


We’re 23 days away!!


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