Yes, my friends, Halloween has fallen on a Monday. We all had to get up to our alarms and put on regular clothes and go to work and school and try to focus all day. We all know we’re going to have to do the same tomorrow. No one is feeling many thrills and chills on this cloudy Monday morning. But we don’t have to let that spoil our fun.

We can still race home after our day is done. We can put on costumes and get out bags of candy. We can slurp down some soup and maybe a vegetable or two to counterbalance the sugar rush that is coming. We can light the candles in our jack-o-lanterns.  We can build a fire and sit around it while we wait for the costumed masses to show up at our door. We can pilfer a few pieces of the candy. And while we wait…we can tell scary stories to shake off the drab normalcy of our Monday.
We’ve got creepy of all varieties here, so pick your poison and drink up, my sweets.

  • You just never know when a day will turn to terror…Toast
  • Some people just won’t listen to warnings…Through
  • For the littles, it’s funny and someone dies, all without truly being scary…Three
  • This feels like it’s going to be spooky, but it isn’t…The Window 
  • Fall fairytale hijinks for those who’d rather laugh than cringe…Candy Apples
  • To top things off, a little poem about the truly scary part of Halloween…To Face Your Fears

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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