Mark Your Calendars

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Does that picture look just a little…incomplete? 

I’ve told you that book 5, The Shattered Heart, is coming soon, but we don’t like vague around here. We like to make plans. We like to mark things on our calendar and have something definite to look forward to. 

So here we go! Get those calendars out. 

The Shattered Heart will be available on December 1, 2016!

You’ll be able to buy The Shattered Heart in paperback form, like those beauties up there, or download the e-book to read on any device you like. 

In the meantime, you still have six more weeks to get caught up on books 1-4.  And if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, do it today! I’ve already sent out some deleted scenes from The Shattered Heart, and there will be more exclusive content coming in the next few weeks, so if you want something to hold you over until December, the newsletter is for you.

Are we good? Calendars all synced? 

Awesome. See you in a few more weeks with pictures!

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