Ocean Blue

I’m working up some really fun advent stuff to share with you later this week, but in the meantime, I just had to tell you about Ocean Blue.

Ocean Blue is the book my six-year-old is writing.  Yes, the one who can’t write very well yet, so yes, she’s illustrating it and telling me what happens. 

But, you guys, it’s lovely.

Here is the basic plot. “It’s not the whole story, Mommy. These are just, like, the details they would put on the back of the book to tell you what it’s about.”

Ocean Blue is a princess from a kingdom by the sea. She has blue eyes just the color of the ocean. She was adopted by a family because her parents were killed, or so they thought, and because she was adopted as a baby she doesn’t even know that she is a princess.  The new family she lives with is far from the beach. They live next to a volcano instead. It’s a sleeping volcano, so it won’t go off anytime soon, but it could explode someday. Ocean’s adopted sister is her best friend. Some bad guys show up [presumeably because they’ve been tracking Ocean?] and they threaten her family. They take her adopted parents up the volcano and threaten to throw them in the lava. Ocean and her sister have to go to the beach and collect all the blue stones and hand them over in order to rescue their parents.

Okay, seriously. It’s got borrowed elements like all fairytales, but that’s got some real possibility as a story. The two adoptive sisters against the world. A princess who doesn’t even know who she is. I’m kind of itching to fill in all the details, but I’d rather wait and see where Lucy takes it. Because, really, the mind that came up with this much will likely have so many more fascinating things in it.

Just a reminder, all, that in between the fighting over showers and vegetables and homework and winter gloves, having kids is so much fun.

Ocean’s home by the volcano, and the stones by the sea where her old home was. I’m thinking that no one without Ocean’s blue eyes can see those stones, which is why the bad guys need her to collect them. But we’ll see what the author thinks…

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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