I came across this book, and it brought a smile to my face. 

There’s a lot of win here.  Lots of playing with perspective and asking silly questions and answering serious questions that weren’t meant to be answered.  It’s fun.  You should check it out sometime.

Plus now I’m thinking about impossibilities.  (They are so much more fun to think about than possibilities.)

I’m thinking of my cute little end table tapdancing across my library floor. I’m wondering what it’s favorite song would be.

I’m thinking of my fuzzy blanket having babies.  Fuzzy blanket babies are something I would like to see.

I’m thinking of having a conversation with my husband’s grandfather, whose picture is on my wall.

I’m thinking of donuts appearing out of thin air. (It is probably good this hasn’t happened yet.)

And I’m thinking about all the impossible things that are somehow actually happening as I type these words.

I’m thinking of my three children, those impossible, irrepressable individuals, sitting in three classrooms a half-mile away, thinking vivid, brilliant impossible thoughts.

I’m thinking of my good friend down the street, caring for her four children impossibly well and then going off and taking charge of 26 more for the day, and then coming home and loving on those sweet four again, and somehow, impossibly, still sane and even occasionally laughing.

I’m thinking of my sweet friend walking through unending nausea and exaustion while, impossibly, keeping alive two tiny humans and, yet more impossibly, growing one more inside of her.

I’m thinking of my next door neighbor, who lost her husband two weeks ago to cancer, but who woke up this morning and got out of bed and took her daughters to school and carried on with the impossible job of living.

How could we ever imagine that life is empty?  How could we ever protest that we don’t have any stories to tell? 

We live in an impossible world.  (Did you know it is spinning and we are actually kept from flying off it by a force of nature that no one can see?  Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous?)

This world is full of impossible life. (Did you know that you can take one tiny nut, put it in the ground and let it rot, and then it will become a tree?  There is absolutely no way that should work.)

You did at least three impossible things before lunch.  I guarantee it. (Or did you think it was nothing when you pushed your foot down on that little bar and then a huge car surged down the road?)

What impossible things will you do before supper? 

Will you even notice?


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