Ten Reasons to Read The Poisoned Cure

And none of them have to do with my birthday. Even though IT COMES OUT TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8!! (Which is my birthday, as you’ll have deduced.)  Check back here, or on Facebook, or on Twitter, or at Madison House Publishing in the next few days for all the fun links and a couple of special deals on the earlier books.  You don’t want to miss this!!

Now on to the reasons you need this book:

10. It’s 90 degrees in September. You need something to read while sipping lemonade in your air conditioned house. 

9.  It’s way, way better than having to do this.

8.  It will take you to places like this one.  

7. You know you want to know how a cure could be poisonous.  You know you do.

6.  It’ll give you an excuse to sing this song.

5.  Better The Poisoned Cure than this kind of cure.  Just saying.

4.  It looks so pretty when you hold it. 

3. It’s Book 4! (That means there’s only one more book to go.) You need the complete set on your shelf. 

2. According to this lady, you won’t be disappointed.

1. This is where it all gets real. Like, someone is going to die. Just saying.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8!!!  See you then!

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