The Poisoned Cure, A Taste

What? Is The Poisoned Cure all I can talk about these days? YES.  Yes, it is. 

This is the book I was dying to write while I wrote all the other books in this series.  True story.

I’m determined not to give too much away, but I do want to give you a few of my favorite lines.  Because I’m excited to let everyone into this private little world I’ve been living in, and I can’t do the whole thing quite, quite yet.  So let’s just open the door a crack.

Adam grinned. “You asked about the stupid way to do it.  Don’t worry. There’s a way that’s only half stupid.”

“Great!” said Eve. “Half stupid is our specialty.”


“Humans are the most dangerous creatures I have yet encountered. But unlike my sisters and I, you were made for battle. You were made to defend. So it is that those who are near you have never been in more danger nor have they have been safer.”


“How do we get down there?” Alex asked.

“We climb,” Adam said.

“You mean like exactly what that sign says not to do?” Eve asked, pointing at a sign that said: DANGER: ROCK MAY CRUMBLE. CLIMBING PROHIBITED.

“You have a better idea?” Adam retorted.

“Me? No. You know I love ignoring danger signs.”


None of that meant that the creatures were real. It was easy to look at a certain arrangment of leaves and bark and imagine a face. It was easy to spend so much time with a made-up world that it started to seem real to you.  He should know.

Still, here he was.

September 8, people.

Just 18 more days and I can show you the whole thing!

I think I can hold out that long without slipping up and just telling you what happens, but no promises.  

At least I have one final proof to keep me occupied.  (Yes, that’s the actual book in my actual hand!)


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