Cover Reveal: The Poisoned Cure

Can you even believe we are here again?

We’re just 26 short days away from holding the actual book in our hands!

You want to see what it looks like?

Hint: It’s awesome.

Created, as were all the other covers, by the incomparable Matt Hasenbalg.

Are you ready?


Book Four in the The Book of Sight series.

(Possibly my favorite book yet.)

Definitely my favorite cover yet.

And that is really saying something.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Poisoned Cure.


Can you hear me squealing?  

I don’t squeal often. I’m not much of a squealer. But come on.

Want to see what the back looks like?  Good, because I want to show you.

Oh yes, their enemy is back.  This book is nonstop action.

Just saying.

And look:

Four books in the series down!  

Only one more to go!

Speaking of which, I have some work to do.  Book Five isn’t going to write itself.

Thanks for being on this journey with me, guys.

Squealing alone isn’t nearly as much fun.

3 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: The Poisoned Cure

  1. Deborah O'Carroll says:

    AAAAAAAHHHH I LOVE IT!!! 😀 *flailing around* I simply cannot WAIT! ❤ *squeals with you*

    Also… oh my goodness, there's going to be a fifth? YAY! This makes me so happy! ^_^

    *now desperately wants The Poisoned Cure to be on Goodreads so I can add it it to my shelves*

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