Announcements, Announcements, Annou-ouncements

You know you’re singing the song now.  You’re welcome.

This is a special one for those (few, loyal) of you who have been waiting for Book 4 of The Book of Sight series.

We have a release date!!  And a title!!  And we’re ready to tell you what it is.


I’m proud to announce that Book 4, The Poisoned Cure, will be released on Sept. 8, 2015!

Yes.  The Poisoned Cure 

You’ll understand when you’ve read it.

And yes, Sept. 8.

Not at all coincidentally one year after the release of The Secret Source.

Not at all coincidentally my birthday.

And if you haven’t read Books 1-3, you still have time!  Click the links over there to the right and get your copy in ebook or paperback.  They are a quick and fun summer read, so the month of August is the perfect time.

Stay tuned for the cover reveal for The Poisoned Cure, coming very, very soon!

(You guys are going to love it.  It’s my favorite one yet.)

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