Monday Morning Treasure

Only two week of summer break left!  We are busily cramming in as much swimming and sunning and playing with friends as we possibly can.  We are really good at cramming.  We want to be sunsoaked and happy and pleasantly tired as we head back to school to be serious again.  I think we’re going to achieve that goal.

In the mean time, we still have the gentle summer mornings: the sleeping in a little later, the sitting in the window seat and reading for an hour before getting down to the business of the day.  Some of that reading has been really grave and disturbing lately.  The world is a difficult place.  

Here is a smattering of other things, though.  Things to stimulate your mind and lift your spirits.  We’re not ignoring the harsh the realities, but we’re giving ourselves permission to take a break.  After all, that’s part of the beauty of having these kids.  We work hard to give them a safe and happy childhood, a sunny summer to remember as they slog through the hard work of living the rest of the year.  And while we give it to them, we get ot briefly enjoy it, too.  Let’s take it all in.

  • Have I showed you this yet?  Cheap books!  What could be happier than that?
  • I should probably be embarrassed by how much I enjoyed this, but I’m not.  Good-night, Dune.  Brilliant.
  • These are beautiful and haunting.  The fact that they are also ground-breaking is just a bonus.  
  • Now I want to make my own list of beautiful lines.  There are just too many to choose from…
  • This.  Motherhood is wonderful on so many levels, but this.  This is why I wanted to do it in the first place.
  • NASA will always be a favorite, but it was the comments on this post that made my day last week.  Somehow this distant planet has an actual hold on our hearts.  Humans are funny creatures.
  • I can’t decide if I particularly love any of the words they’ve invented, but the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows deserves a read for its name alone.
  • Have any of you read this book?  I really want to see the movie, and I keep reading that the book is amazing.  It’s definitely on the list.
  • Also! Our copy of Go Set a Watchman came yesterday.  I can’t decide if I’m excited or terrified to read it.  Are any of you already on it?  Thoughts so far?

Enjoy your Monday, everyone, and soak up that summer while you can.

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