What Kind of Reader Are You?

I’m a huge fan of personality profiles.  You could call me a Myers-Briggs nerd, even. Chances are, from the moment I meet you, I’m trying to guess your type.  Sorry about that.  I find it endlessly fascinating to understand the ins and outs of how people think and how they process the world.  And since I’m not terribly empathetic (ENTP here!), it really helps me to intellectually think through what other people feel and why they act the way they do.  So I can be more understanding!  So I can remember all the reasons I love them, even when they drive me crazy.

All this to say, it was really easy for me to fall down the rabbit hole the other day when I started researching “Types of Readers.”  So many quizzes!  So many categories!  And all about books!

A lot of what I found, though fun, was fairly useless.  But this one was my favorite, so I thought I ‘d share it with you all.  It was created by Laura E. Kelly, and it’s so detailed that I got lost in it for a while.  Check it out:


I’m without a doubt a book-lover of the compulsive variety.  I probably fall under the Genus of Book Abuser.  I have sad tendencies to be a Book Buster, with lots of leanings towards Re-reader.

How about you?  What kind of reader are you?

And while we’re on the subject…what’s your personality profile?  Just curious…

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