9 (Over and Over Again)


They say there’s nothing new
The freshest thoughts just tweak the old
They say nine basic plots
Form every story that’s ever told

  1. Good Sam must face a beast
    That’s come to crush his farm and kin
    He somehow finds a way
    To overcome all odds and win
  2. Poor Sam has not a dime
    Until he finds a hidden chest
    The gold will make him rich
    To keep it, he must be his best
  3. To spare his dying town
    Sam has to travel far away
    To find the magic dust
    And bring it home to save the day
  4. Sam’s friend from out of town
    Will soon be dead without Sam’s aid
    Sam goes and helps his friend
    He comes home wiser, less afraid
  5. Sam is just a normal guy
    He meets a girl. They fall in love.
    Will his mother ruin it?
    No! All ends well. They rise above.
  6. Sam had a special gift
    He used it for his evil gain
    He ruled with iron fist
    ‘Til heroes rose and he was slain
  7. Sam’s life was hard and cruel
    He was the rudest man you’d find
    Until he met the girl
    Who helped him change and be more kind
  8. Sam is helpless to resist
    The evil power that rules o’er all
    He tries to break away
    But no one can, Sam’s left to fall
  9. Sam goes on holiday
    There’s a been a murder at the inn!
    He tries to solve the case
    Though it has zilch to do with him.

The same old stories flow
Through all the tales we tell these days
But still we feel the need
To find our own words, our own ways

For true art doesn’t lie
In the invention of the wheel
But in who’s allowed to steer
And how its turning makes you feel

One thought on “9 (Over and Over Again)

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