Monday Morning Treasure – The Spring Edition

springgreenIt finally looks and feels like spring!  There is so much green around me right now that I could write a poem.  Except that when I’ve reached this level of happy I actually find myself wanting to say nothing at all.  (Which is good, because what would be more unoriginal than a poem about spring?)

So! More happy reveling in green and less blathering about it.

Check out these little bits of inspiration for our Monday morning.

    • Words. More delicious and satisfying even than food (and let me tell you how I feel about food…). I have this little idea that I want to take each one of these words and make it the title of a short story or poem.  Fun April challenge? Yes. Let’s.
    • More fun with words. It only takes a minute to play around with this, but I think it’s a fun idea for a way to create a story. Start with a simple phrase and expand and expand.  Where could it take you? We’re totally trying this one here soon. See how we steal things are inspired by the internet?
    • Just something magical to look at at. Because magic is worth taking a minute to soak in.
    • Just when we think maybe we’re wasting our time with all this story-telling nonsense, we get little reminders like this.  Art is not a luxury. (And are you reading Jen? Because she is worth following.)
    • More eye candy.  Magical photography AND miniatures.  Two of my favorite things.  Also a really fun sci-fi short story in here somewhere.  What if your life was really just someone’s diorama? (It’s been done, but if Stephen King could ruin it in Under The Dome, maybe you’re the one to redeem it?)
    • I’m obsessed with George Ezra these days. His voice, you guys. I never get tired of listening to this.  And this.  And of course, this.  Take the time for these songs.  You’ll be humming all day.  Also, this one makes me smile and really is a musical story-telling at its best:

Happy Spring, everyone!

Let’s make something beautiful this week.  And while we’re at it, let’s make this week something beautiful.


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