Friendly Advice


There’s a bird that keeps circling around my head
I don’t know how to get rid of it
I’ve screamed and I’ve yelled and I’ve waved my arms
But that creature ignores every bit of it

No offense to you, friend, for I’m sure that’s annoying
But it’s hard to feel sorry for that
You could solve your big problem quite simply, you know
If you’d take off your birdseed hat

I, on the other hand, have a true worry
I have such a long way to travel
But my feet are so hot, and the ground is so rough
That I’m fearful my shoes will unravel

Are you hot? You should try having shade on your head
Birdseed hats are a good thing to choose
And as for your feet, you are wasting time fretting
Just take off those knitted wool shoes


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