I’m older than I used to be
I’ve learned a few things, too
Some questions have been answered
(I now know why the sky is blue)

Plus every day come new discoveries
So much more than I had planned
But still some mysteries elude me
Things I’ll never understand

Like why the sand feels so amazing
Between my toes down by the shore
But it’s the worst thing in creation
Under my feet on my own floor

Or why my favorite cozy sweater
Grows those little fuzzy balls
(Are there tiny elves that make them?
Are they living in my walls?)

And why do some people have everything
And others not enough?
And whose idea was all this junk mail?
And how did badgers get so tough?

And will we ever build a moon base?
And does a mountain know it’s big?
And how does hope make so much difference?
And will I ever own a pig?

And why on earth do you still love me
When I pass my days this way?
I know I’ll never comprehend it
And yet, you do, so it’s okay

Cause that’s the thing about not knowing
In a way, it’s the best part
What my brain can’t lay out neatly
I get to jumble in my heart


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