If My Life Were a Book

If my life were a book
I like to think
You would laugh out loud as you read it through
In part from the witty things that I say
But also from mixups along the way
And the weird, funny people I knew

If my life were a book
I sincerely hope
It would sometimes make you want to cry
Because people came close, right up into the heart
To the place that will bleed when it must come apart
And you stand there just wondering why

If my life were a book
I sort of suspect
You’d get angry at points and then hurl it away
Because life isn’t fair and some people aren’t kind
And at times I am lazy and waste my own mind
And you don’t want to read of those days

If my life were a book
I’ll admit I would like
It to often inspire you to go make a snack
In the warm, snuggly evenings of fullness and cheer
As you read of good food and of friends gathered near
You should fill up whatever you lack

If my life were a book
Oh I really do hope
There’d be some shining moments that jolt you awake
Where the miracles happen and magic unfolds
Where corners are turned, victories won by the bold
Your heart pounds and your hands start to shake

If my life were a book
My only true fear
Is for you to feel nothing as you skim its lines
Because nothing much happened and nothing was risked
Your mind wanders as you hide a yawn with your fist
It falls closed and it slips from your mind

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