I was going to write a whole thing about sending this, my latest baby, out into the world.  I was going to draw all the parallels with my flesh and blood baby starting school.  I was going to really sap it up.  But you know what?  I’m not feeling it.

Maybe it’s because I used up all my introspection on that first day of Kindergarten.  Maybe it’s because it’s my birthday and I’m too full of cake.  Maybe it’s because I’m already hard at work on Book 4, so I’m just really happy that you all can take Book 3 off my hands.

That’s how I feel.  Happy.  So happy.  I’ve been living with this book for a year and I’ve made friends with it and I’m just so dang excited that you all get to meet it now, too.

SO.  Enough talk.  THE LINKS!!

To buy The Secret Source in paperback from Amazon.

To buy The Secret Source from Madison House Publishing.

Buy The Secret Source on e-book.

And (today only) to get The Book of Sight (Book 1) for FREE.

In case you’re wondering what this book is even about…

Alex, Dominic, Adam, Logan, and Eve have finally learned to trust each other, but now they know there is an enemy who wants to destroy them. When they discover a web of stone lying hidden under their small town enabling the enemy to spy on their every move, they know what must be done.

The secrets surrounding the Book of Sight will remain locked until they track down the secret source of the enemy’s power. They’ll never be safe from that power until they find a way to disarm it.

Get yours today!

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