Storytelling in Indiana

This one is for you locals because I just found out about it and I really, really want to make sure you haven’t missed this.  Did you know Indiana has an organization called The Storytelling Arts of Indiana?  I’ve been spending way too much time lately over on their website, and I want to make friends with each and every one of these people.

They have an index of local storytellers you can hire for school (or homeschool) storytelling visits.

They have GREAT resources for teachers, including some awesome lesson plans for teaching storytelling and (even better) using storytelling to teach other things.  That’s the page where I lost myself for a while, and I’m not even a teacher any more.

They also organize a ton of storytelling events around the state.  They just finished this years Annual Liar’s Contest at the Indiana State Fair.  There is no way I’m missing this next year.  You show up, you register, you tell your best whopper, you get judged, and winners get a prize.  It’s for adults and children, and even if you don’t want to participate, how fun would it be to listen?

They also have monthly Jabberwocky meetings, “a gathering of “jabbers” willing to share their life stories based on a different theme each month throughout the year.”  They do these in two different Indianapolis locations.  I’m so in.

And as we head into fall, Indianapolis residents should consider Ghost Stories at Crown Hill Cemetery.  Um…how much would my kids love this?  This one isn’t free.  It isn’t even cheap.  But it’s no more expensive than taking my whole family to a movie, and you get to bring a picnic and shiver together under a blanket in the October chill.  Sounds good to me.

Okay, I’m done raving, but seriously, check it out.

Also, have you heard about the Life Stories Project?  True stories of everyday people. You can go online and listen to the ones they’ve recorded so far (searchable by topic as well as author and date), and if you’re interested in recording your own story, they have scheduled time and places to record.  I plan to spend some serious time this week listening to stories.

Can I be honest with you here?  I haven’t always enjoyed living in Indiana.  I’m just really not from around here.  But the last few years…I’m having a harder and harder time coming up with reasons not to love it.  And I think today I may just have decided to claim the title Hoosier after all.

(As always, I’m not paid in any way to rave about these things.  I’m just a lunatic who’s happy to rave for free.)


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