Breaking News!

Book 3 in the Book of Sight series is finished and in the final productions stages!!!

At long last I have a release date and a title to share with you!

Are you ready?

Where’s my drumroll?  (I like a bit of fanfare from time to time.)

Book Three is called… The Secret Source!

And I’m happy to announce it will be available for purchase on…September 8!

(That is, not so coincidentally, my birthday.  Happy Birthday, me.)

This is not just about me, however.  I have a gift for you!  Today is Digital Book Day!  Check out the website for all kinds of free ebooks.  The Book of Sight (Book 1) is free today, too.  You can get your digital copy over on Amazon all day (but just today).  Happy Reading!

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for a sneak peek at the cover of The Secret Source and some deleted scenes which may not have made the final cut but were too fun not to share with you.

Are you excited?  I am.  I’m going to go burn it off by downloading ridiculous amounts of free ebooks.  It’s a good day.


Edited to Add:  Just heard that so many people are visiting the site that it gets overwhelmed at times.  If you try it and an error message shows up, just try back in a minute or two and you should get through!  Free stuff is worth the extra two minutes, I think.

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