The Boy Who Bossed the Moon


Timothy Harrison Henshaw
Told everyone what to do
You wouldn’t think this would work out for him
But he always knew how to get through

Our Timmy demanded a pony
But his father said, “No, thanks.”
So he yelled and he screamed ‘til his face turned blue
And his dad went and emptied the bank

“Give me candy all day with no dinner”
Timmy said to his mother the health queen
Then he ripped up her favorite cookbooks and more
‘Til she showered him with jelly beans

“Don’t ever give me any homework,”
Timmy told his new teacher, who snorted
So he faked dreadful sickness and puked on the floor
‘Til her lesson plans all were aborted

One night Timmy, tired from bossing,
Knew morning would come again soon
But the light was too bright for sweet sleep to approach
So he got up and glared at the moon

“Go away now” said Timmy quite firmly
But the moon just sat still and stared back
So he screamed at her calm and unmovable face
‘Til his own voice gave up with a crack

“You’ll regret this,” he whispered with venom
And he filled up his squirt gun with paint
Then he shot it at her to mess up her white face
But she beamed on, untouched by his taint

“I won’t have it!” croaked Timmy in anger
“If you don’t go away I’ll be sick!”
But the moon sat in silence as he retched and writhed
And did not worry even a lick

At last Timmy gave up in exhaustion
He flopped on his bed with a sigh
It was oddly relieving to not get his way
And he slept with the moon standing by

So when you see spoiled, bratty children
Don’t worry that all is lost
Because sooner or later in everyone’s life
Is someone who will not be bossed

Image courtesy of nongpimmy/

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