Millicent Margaret Magoo

Millicent Margaret Magoo
Never had nothin’ to do
When her friends were out playin’
She’d be inside sayin’
“I’m bored, and I can’t make it through!”

Millie’s room was jam-packed with her toys
Toys that lit up and spun and made noise
Still she laid on the couch
And she moaned like a grouch
“They’re all boring! My life has no joys!”

All the books in the house left her flat
Pens and papers and crayons just sat
While wee Millie just moaned
“I’ve got nothing,” she groaned.
And she whimpered and whined like a brat.

When summer came, Millie was home
All day, every day she wouldn’t roam
Her parents felt trapped
Until one day they snapped
And bought one, one-way ticket to Nome

In Alaska sits Nome in the cold
Keeping warm keeps you busy, I’m told
There’s no boredom there
But there are polar bears
So dear Millie should have her hands full

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