Snack time

I’d like to have a snack, if you would be so kind
A slice of cake is best, but a cupcake will be fine.
No cake, you say? The sugar will just go to my head?
Well, fine, I guess I’ll settle for a muffin instead.
A muffin’s just like cake? Whatever do you mean?
Ingredients? Well, I don’t know, but there is no frosting.
Okay, I’ll take a chocolate chip peanut granola bar.
And something to go with it because that will not go far.
Some yogurt-covered raisins and a fruit roll up should do.
And don’t forget the juice because I sure am thirsty, too.

What now? What is that face? Why do you push me out the door?
An apple? A banana? Wait, there must be something more!
I’m hungry! No, I’m starving! I need more than fruit can give!
A slice of cheese? No this is not…mmmm…cheese. Okay, I’ll live.

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