Not the socks

For Campbell.  Thanks for reminding me of the poetic value of the conversations of six-year-old boys.

I like cotton candy and roller coaster rides.
I love the beach and the rocks.
I’m happy with cozy blankets snuggled to my sides.
But I don’t like smelling smelly socks.

I would jump at a chance to go the zoo.
I’d be thrilled to make a fort out of a box.
I’ll go along with anything that you would like to do.
But just not smelling smelly socks.

Of all the foods, pepperoni pizza is the best.
My favorite shoes are my Crocs
Chocolate ice cream is better than the rest
But the worst is smelling smelly socks.

So let’s race to the tree, I don’t care if you win.
Let that hairy spider crawl near
I’ll twirl in a circle until my head spins
But get smelly socks out of here.

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