Horrible Hairy Houndy

This tale is an awful one
Scoot up real close
It happened this morning
As I ate my toast

My head was still fuzzy
There was sleep in my eyes
When I felt something furry
It was quite a surprise

I jumped at least
Three feet straight up in the air
Then I looked at the creature
That now stood ‘top my chair

He was horrible, hairy
His breath knocked me out
I saw glittering teeth
There was drool on his snout

And while I was staring
Too frightened to think
He snatched up my toast
Just as quick as a wink

Once my breakfast was his
He left me there quaking
So it is that you find me
Sitting hungry and shaking

So heed my advice
Be smarter than most
That houndy is horrible
Keep your food close

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