Time Out Tuesday – A New Life

My whole new life is now finally underway, and I’m pretty sure that I want this space to have its place here. That means dusting things off and straightening things around. So I made a plan. Because I love plans. Plans are fun. Plans are helpful. Plans help me feel calm and peaceful. I know. Control issues. But here’s the plan anyway.

Monday: Story of the week. It’ll usually be based off of something my kids said. Nothing sets off the imagination like the crazy, random things kids say.

Tuesday: Time out Tuesday I’ll review good books I’m reading, talk about writing, or whatever else suits my fancy.

Wednesday: From the Box Series of stories inspired by little things we’ve found along the way.

Thursday: Poem of the Week Silly poems. Mostly just because there aren’t enough places in life to use those valuable rhyming skills.

Friday: A Thousand Words Stories inspired by photos. I have some talented friends, so I’ll be riffing off of some of their shots, as well as anything else I can find.

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