Behind the Curtain

My kids and I are going to write a story about this picture. This is a challenge I’m hoping to do every week with a different picture. This week’s picture is from my good friend Tara over at The View Finder. She’ll probably be giving me a lot of them. I love the possibilities in pictures. I can’t take good ones to save my life, but I still love them. I won’t put you through the long (boring?) process every week, but this time I thought I’d get my kids in on the action and record our brainstorming session. Final story to come tomorrow.

What could these be?

apples with popcorn
bombs disguised as apples
cherries in the snow
little children that a witch changed into apples

Who could have put them there?
We did
a witch
a princess
a prince
an alligator

What could someone do with them?
eat them
play with the sticks
throw them at someone
use them to stick to the wall and climb it
hit people over the head with them
feed them to someone else

What happens if you eat them?
you turn into an apple
you turn into a popcorn
you turn into popsicle stick
you turn into cherries in the snow
you die
you get sick
you get mad
you get sad
you turn red
you become invisible
you become invincible
you can fly
you can run really slow, then really fast, over and over

I have about four possible stories brewing in brain from all these ideas.  We’ll see which one comes out when I sit down to write tonight.

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