A Good Idea

I absolutely think
You should sit up on the sink
Rub your food all through your hair
Yell and scream loud as you dare
Go in the kitchen, crack some eggs
Tip your chair back on two legs
Sneak the phone to make a call
Write with crayon on the wall
Close each door with a big slam
Never ever say “Yes, ma’am”
Try to pester your big brother
Most of all ignore your mother

‘Cause you’ll love without a doubt
To spend an hour in time out
It will be absolutely ripping
To bend over for a whipping
And nothing could be funner
Than being grounded for the summer
So won’t you listen now to me
And be as bad as you can be?

Whew. I really needed to vent some of that pent up sarcasm. Not that I’m that good at holding it in. Hey, I never claimed I was a GOOD mother.

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