Hey! So we’re finally home, and I’m writing again. And feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff we brought home with us, as you can see…

Mary Elizabeth Duff
Could never own enough
From morning to night,
She bought everything in sight
Then she said, “I should find some more stuff!”

A snuff box, a bed post, a kite
She bought sheets: orange, yellow, and white
And a bigger TV
Every Friday at three
‘Til her house was crammed tighter than tight

Things went from scary to scarier
The day Mary bought a small terrier
She had never known yet
All the fun of a pet
But she now had to find something hairier

At first it was just a Great Dane
Then a monkey, with top hat and cane
It was not long, of course
‘Til she purchased a horse
With eighteen kinds of combs for its mane

Still Mary knew she needed more
So she a bought huge live dinosaur
Hard to say if it’s real
But she got a great deal
From a place she knew in Singapore

Now dinosaurs eat quite a lot
This one ate all the food Mary bought
Then it started to snack
On some spare bric-a-brac
Then moved on to the couch, chairs, and cot

When Mary got home from the store
Her house was gone…all but the door
Mary wimpered and cried
But her stuff was inside
The big belly of that dinosaur

So if you think bigger is better
Or need more even though you’re a debtor
Think of Mary alone
With her pet but no home
And sell something before you forget her

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