Bus Rides

When I was a little girl, I would ride to school on a yellow school bus with lots of other kids.  Some years my mother was even the bus driver!  We went to a Christian School about 10 miles from the center of the valley where we lived.

But, when I turned 13 and was going into high school, I went far, far away to school on a different kind of bus – a Greyhound Travel bus.  Grandpa and Grandma Norris, your great-grandparents, wanted their daughters to go to a Christian High School and they met some nice people who were part of a school in Alberta, Canada.  Grandpa and Grandma decided this would be a good place for me to go.  For me that was like leaving Indiana and going to Argentina – except I wasn’t going with my family – only with my oldest sister, Ruth.

For several weeks Ruth and I helped our mom make new clothes, pack our trunk and suitcases and prepare for the long bus ride to our new school.  At this school we would live in a dormitory – sort of like a big apartment building – with lots of other girls.

When the day came, after a tearful farewell, we climbed up on the big, big bus and got into our tall comfortable seats.  Soon the bus roared away and we were off on our adventure.  We rode all day and saw lots of different towns and countryside and then we rode all night and we tried to sleep…Then we rode all the next day through more towns and lots of wide open spaces…and then we rode all the next night.  We did stop at restaurants every once in awhile to get something to eat and have a chance to walk around…but mostly we just rode and rode and rode…50 hours later we arrived at our new school and while we were glad to be there…mostly we were just very happy that the long, long bus ride was ended!!

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