Greta Got the Giggles

They told her to sit still
It was a very solemn place
No fidgeting would be allowed
Just sit and stare off into space

She managed to control her wiggles
But Greta got the giggles

She really did her best
She kept on looking straight ahead
But Mrs. Pearson had a hat
Topped with a bow, big, floppy, and red

That bow was all wobbles and jiggles
And Greta got the giggles

The bow was just the start
As soon as Greta had stifled her grin
A long thin worm appeared
On the brim of that hat. Greta snorted again.

That worm made its loops and its squiggles
And Greta got the giggles

Her mom and dad were shocked
They shushed her with furrowed brows
She wanted to be good
But the chuckles were in charge now

Her attempt to be quiet caused twitches and wriggles
For Greta had the giggles

(Because, let’s face it, it’s happened to us all. Check out some true giggling stories and other fun over at Mama Kat’s.)
Mama's Losin' It

8 thoughts on “Greta Got the Giggles

  1. Jenners says:

    Visiting from Mama Kats….

    You are so amazingly talented!!! This seems like a Shel Silverstein poem .. I could even envision the drawings to go with it. You must get published STAT!

  2. Aging Mommy says:

    This is a really wonderful poem, as others have commented if you can write like this then a children’s poetry book is within your grasp. I can just picture the little girl and the floppy hat and her delight at the worm appearing from all the finery. Really, really good.

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