Big Red

In a tiny little farm in the center of the valley lived the meanest baddest big Rhode Island Red rooster ever!  Just before sunrise Big Red started in with his Cock a doodle doo – Cock a doodle doo – Cock a doodle doo .  All throughout the day he strutted around the pen where the chickens were scratching, eating, generally clucking and laying eggs.  He made sure all those chickens knew he was the king of the roost.

Also on the tiny little farm in the center of the valley lived a sweet little girl.  It was Kathy’s job to scatter the grain for food and make sure the chickens had plenty of water.  She had to go into their pen every afternoon to gather their beautiful brown eggs.

This is where the trouble began.  Big Red – thinking he was totally in charge, did not want anyone coming into his territory.  Kathy needed to collect the eggs and there was no other way to get them except by going near Big Red.  He would flutter and hiss and make noises trying to scare her.  Actually she was afraid and did not look forward to going into the pen, but it had to be done.

One particular afternoon, Big Red must have been feeling especially mean and as Kathy came in to take care of the chickens, he started running toward her, jumping to scare her.  What he didn’t realize is that she had the watering hose in her hands.  A feeling of power came over her and she turned the water on full force and began squirting Big Red showering him with water, hollering at him and chasing him all around the chicken pen. The more he ran, the more she chased and sprayed him.  He was one soaked bird!!

From that day on, Big Red never again tried to scare Kathy!

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