This one time I was sleeping

This one time I was sleeping in my cozy little bed
When a funny thought came drifting by and slipped into my head.
At first I giggled, then I thought, “To pass would be a pity.”
So I got right up and made a quilt as big as Kansas City.

This one time I was sleeping on the rooftop of my house
When I heard a great idea being whispered by a mouse.
I grabbed a net and captured seven hundred thousand stars
Then I bottled up their twinkle into forty thousand jars.

This one time I was sleeping on a rock down by the shore
When I dreamed up something even more impressive than before
The sea is full of salt if you just know how to extract it
So I strained all of the salt from seven oceans; then I packed it.

I know that doing all the things I dream may seem quite silly
But that quilt now warms the state of North Dakota when it’s chilly.
And I took those jars of twinkle to an orphanage in Gabon
Where the twinkle jumped right back into the eyes of kids that had none.

And the salt of all the oceans adds its flavor to each pot
Of clam chowder in New England. Let me tell you, there’s a lot.
The world is full of problems, people fighting, sighing, weeping
So I’m laying down to get some new ideas while I’m sleeping.

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Mama's Losin' It


If clouds were cotton candy
And Skittles rained down from the sky
I’d lay on my back and open my mouth
And I’d not bother asking why

If trees bent down to lift me
And tossed me up in the air
I’d laugh as I flew and shut my eyes
And pretend that I had no cares

If flowers could whisper stories
Tales as colorful as themselves
I’d scoot in close and bend my ear
And dream with the fairies and elves

I Think I’m Sleepy

If I were a bird I’d soar up high
Choose a perch in the sun and close my eyes

If I were an ant I’d dig down deep
Where it’s cool and dark and I could take a sleep

If I were a fish I’d wriggle in the coral
Find a nice safe spot and start to snore-l

If I were a baby, I’d clutch my blankie tight
Snuggle up in my crib and say night-night