When the Door Shuts

Did you ever chance to wonder
When you’re sitting there all bored
What goes on inside your fridge
When you’ve gone and closed the door?

It’s a very well kept secret
The food would not like me to break it
But the truth is, when the door shuts
They blast the music and they shake it

Oh yes, the butter starts to boogy
and the carrots do the twist
While the milk begins the two-step
With a cold Sierra Mist

They say the lettuce is the DJ
He plays music fast and loud
While the ketchup does the robot
And the hot dogs surf the crowd

I’ve heard the grapes have funky rhythm
No one moves like a green bean
And the tortillas love to limbo
Lower than you’ve ever seen

So if you hear a thumpa bumpa
And you can’t tell what is what
It’s just your food throwing a party
While the refrigerator’s shut.